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Basic Memberships give you full access to the Media Beach Marketplace for both the contribution and purchase of content. Limited to a single concurrent login, these memberships provide a global source for breaking news and potential revenue generation opportunities for small, independent news operations.

Monitor breaking news stories as they are posted or streamed and get your newsroom on the pulse of global, up-to-the-minute coverage. Browse the content library, by region or subject, or utilising our dynamic search filters to find content that will appeal to your audience.


Capitalise on existing assets and explore new markets for your content, Media Beach is a platform connecting Members to deal direct, cutting out the middleman and lengthy negotiations.


Media Beach Members enjoy the competitive advantage of first-look access to content uploaded from contributors locally and globally.


Feature Basic
24/7 Technical Support
View Market Listings
Transaction Reports
Sell Content
Buy Content
500GB Data Transfer and Storage
Video Center  
Branded Upload Page  
Mobile App  
Member Management  
Annual Membership USD$500
Subscription Fees (Software Account) USD$100/month
Subscription Fees (VOD Account*) USD$500/month

*VOD is required for live streaming options

Preview content in low resolution, click through the storyboard stills and review transcripts before making your purchase.  Shop knowing that all content is created and curated by Members of the Media Beach platform. Files are distributed over a sophisticated content delivery network, utilising the latest in download acceleration technology to optimise transfer speed and ensure the highest quality and most robust streams possible.


Delivering innovative weather intelligence to global audiences since 1995, MetraWeather provides Media Beach Members direct access to their relevant and ready-to-play, high definition weather clips for your local region. Offering a streamlined selection of dynamic, location-specific 3D weather flights and news clips, Members can preview packages for their region, with specialised content constantly being generated from automated data feeds and local weather stations.

As with all Media Beach content, MetraWeather pieces integrate directly with your local workflow for easy playout. Create edited news sessions and weather playlists, add your own voiceovers, anchor and news presenters to your purchased clips.


Media Beach provides a secure and reliable credit card or PayPal billing solution. Member accounts will be debited and credited according to transaction activity, with net funds billed and disbursed on a monthly basis. Media Beach facilitates your compliance with international tax requirements and provides you the necessary paperwork, removing the barriers between overseas markets.


Media Beach’s cloud-based model provides the most efficient end to end solution for the delivery of encoded broadcast-ready media. Purpose-built for the broadcast industry, Media Beach utilises unsurpassed content delivery technology to ensure the secure, high-speed delivery of video files between Members, 24/7.

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