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Contributor-Only Memberships allow stringers and other professional freelance journalists to post and sell their content on the Media Beach Marketplace. This membership permits users to view non-restricted content listings submitted by other members, but does NOT support the purchase or download of Market content.



Contributor Only Membership

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500GB data transfer and storage


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Subscription Fees (VOD Account*)


*VOD option provides a fully integrated hardware/software solution supporting advanced features such as unlimited local multiuser access, live HD/SDI feed exchange, cloud-based transcoding to file format of choice, local video archives, automation and integration with local workflow. Contact Media Beach for pricing details. If VOD option is requested by Member, Member will be charged $3000 per VOD server plus $500 per month subscription fees for a VOD account in addition to their Annual Membership Fees.


Capitalise on existing assets and explore new markets for your content, Media Beach is a platform connecting Members to deal direct, cutting out the middleman and lengthy negotiations.


Media Beach’s cloud-based model provides the most efficient end to end solution for the delivery of encoded broadcast-ready media. Purpose-built for the broadcast industry, Media Beach utilises unsurpassed content delivery technology to ensure the secure, high-speed delivery of video files between Members, 24/7.


Media Beach Members enjoy the competitive advantage of first-look access to content uploaded from contributors locally and globally. 


Media Beach provides a secure and reliable credit card or PayPal billing solution. Member accounts will be debited and credited according to transaction activity, with net funds billed and disbursed on a monthly basis. Media Beach facilitates your compliance with international tax requirements and provides you the necessary paperwork, removing the barriers between overseas markets.

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