An end-to-end video workflow solution for news and media organisations, large and small

A multi-purpose platform, Media Beach provides Network level Members with an industry-standard content delivery network complete with a streamlined video handling workflow to take your newsroom to the fore of cloud-based processing technology. 

Offering a safe and secure mechanism for the transfer and storage of large video files, both internally and externally, Media Beach Members can send and receive files to and from all members with ease, and share live feeds and cross feeds reliably, all from one account.

Feature Network Membership

24/7 Technical Support

View Market Listings

Transaction Reports

Sell Content

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500GB data transfer and storage

Video Centre

Branded Upload Page

Mobile App

Member Management

Annual Membership

USD$500 + 
$100 per internal 
network member**

Subscription Fees (Software Account)

per member**

Subscription Fees (VOD Account)



*VOD option provides a fully integrated hardware/software solution supporting advanced features such as unlimited local multiuser access, live HD/SDI feed exchange, cloud-based transcoding to file format of choice, local video archives, automation and integration with local workflow. Contact Media Beach for pricing details. If VOD option is requested by Member, Member will be charged $3000 per VOD server plus $500 per month subscription fees for a VOD account in addition to their Annual Membership Fees.**Additional network member fees are charged for added internal network members ($100/internal network member). Self-registered Network accounts will initially be charged $1700 for account creation (Single account). Once Mediabeach has verified your account details, all network management permissions will be unlocked



Manage your own private network, with multi-tiered, permission-based logins for your internal organisation. Designed with flexibility in mind, Media Beach offers Network Managers the ability to add, remove or edit members and administrators to a private network. Each login has fully variable permissions to:

  • Send video to other members of the private network
  • Invite new members to the private network
  • Place content for sale on Media Beach
  • Purchase content from Media Beach



Push your content straight to Media Beach’s sales flow and start earning revenue, or share your content within your internal network for easy pick-up and play.


News can happen anywhere at any time, and with the Media Beach mobile app, Members are instantly connected to their newsrooms, as well as the Media Beach worldwide marketplace. Video can be recorded in the field and uploaded to the registered newsroom server in real time, 24/7.


More than just a storage solution, Media Beach offers broadcast-quality cloud transcoding services, to convert your received files into the format of your choice. Set up your preferences from the start and the transcoding services will convert files automatically as they are transferred, from any source, to ensure that your stored files are ready to use in your local workflow, at any time.


Instantly accessible from anywhere in the world, your Media Beach account comes with 500GB of data transfers per month for the sending, receiving and temporary storage of large, broadcast-quality video files. A single solution to consolidate your working content in one connected, secure location. Additional data is always available for purchase in 500GB blocks.


Media Beach provides a secure and reliable credit card or PayPal billing solution. Member accounts will be debited and credited according to transaction activity, with net funds billed and disbursed on a monthly basis.


Media Beach Members enjoy the competitive advantage of first-look access to content uploaded from contributors locally and globally.


With partner MetraWeather on board, Media Beach Members receive direct access to dynamic, ready-to-play weather flights and news clips, specific to their location from expert meteorologists and technologists.

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